BAUEN [ˈbauən] • German (verb) To build, to construct
Build with passion, make the dream reality.

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Living Advisors

Our living advisors provide you both the expertise and consultation in home renovation, offering supervision and comprehensive services from inception to completion.

Living Designers

BAUEN’s design team operates with excellent experience and proficiency in residential design, ranging from interior, exterior to lighting decoration.

Living Engineers

The mastermind behind BAUEN Ultimativ™, our team of engineers, are true innovators of living solutions with systems and technologies developed to give you the ultimate living comfort and experience.

Living Transformers

The team is put together to help transform the house of your dream into reality, following the BAUEN Care Criteria that ensure a systematic and standardized construction, creating living spaces of superior quality.

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BOOK A PERSONAL CONSULTANT นัดหมายปรึกษาเรื่องรีโนเวตบ้าน

LIVING ADVISOR ของเราพร้อมพูดคุยและให้คำปรึกษาทุกเรื่องรีโนเวตบ้าน
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