Modern Classic

Express your individuality, tastes, and appreciation in the beauty of quality living through the decoration
of your own home

Express your individuality, tastes, and appreciation in the beauty of quality living through the decoration of your own home. Materialized with incredible attention to detail, our ‘Modern Classic Collection’ applies the flair of European Architecture to render a contemporary luxury, defining your dream home where elegance, timelessness, and aesthetic and functional elements complement each other in perfect unison.

Intertwining Classic Beauty to Contemporary Lifestyle.

With Modern Classic’s timeless aesthetic qualities, we bring the design that encapsulates your individuality and excellent taste through distinctive decorative elements. From stylish wall molding to the indirect light meticulously hidden in the ceiling or crystal chandelier’s illumination, elegant and super comfy sofa, to thoughtfully selected decorative objects, the fusion of luxury and contemporary lifestyle makes the simple events in your everyday life more extraordinary. From small gatherings with friends, weekend happy hours at home with some great wine to closing a business deal right in your private home office, every moment in life is the reflection of the pride you take in being who you are.

Tasteful and meticulous, the collection brings together thoughtfully selected decorative items, filling your dwelling experience with splendid ambiance and refined details. For example, the corrugated glass, an iridescent crystal chandelier, walnut wood’s dark hue, warm and stylish oak wood, a cascading mass of velvet curtain and its soft touch and luxurious look, accompanied by the naturally exquisite pattern of marble and brass, these high-quality materials bring your home to the next level of luxury.

Wall Molding: Where Classic Beauty and Functionality Come Together.

Wall molding serves as a distinctive collection feature to unify and create continual lines on the wall ornaments reflecting the aesthetics of the Modern Classic tenets. In addition, the built-in cabinets’ doors are seamlessly hidden as a part of the walls, rendering the elegant, immaculate décor that comes hand in hand with function.

Classy and Organized, a Walk-in Closet of Your Dream.

Turn everyday routine into quality time with yourself with a spacious and elegant walk-in closet. We create this private space with the design that utters nothing but taste and attention to detail with the décor that sees the use of brass handles, dark wood floor, ceiling lamps, sizeable mirrors, and cabinet doors that come in an excellent variety for you to choose. The functionality is meticulously thought of to provide you with the most well-organized closet space. Keep your beloved collection of clothes and accessories in the best condition and transform an ordinary dressing room into your very own runway.

A Stunning Entryway Brings the Unmistakable Impression

Make your extra home welcoming, not just for you but also for your visitors, with the entryway designed to impress. The design embraces timelessness through materials such as the marble-patterned floor, edged glass, and decorative lights that greet everyone with a warm and hospitable vibe. Also included is a large shoe cabinet that offers sizeable storage space for everyone’s everyday shoes.

Elegance in a Perfect Clash of Colors

Delight in the decoration whose beauty defines by the classic elegance of white color tone. Majestic yet straightforward, the neutral color serves as the perfect backdrop for the selected shades of dark brown, deep green, and navy blue. The fitful gleam of gold of handles and decorative objects is indispensable for the collection, serving as the perfect touch-up for the modern classic look. Completing the design’s impeccable grandeur is the furniture whose forms and placements bring symmetrical balance and stylishness to your living space.