A simple happiness within your own home.

Creates a relaxing and visually stunning living space where natural beauty and pleasant sensory experiences coexist in every lifestyle.

BAUEN Scandinavian Style

Simplified elements, Comforting Visuals, and a Gratifying Life.

By removing the excessiveness, we center your living experience around happiness, the very essence of Hygge’s philosophy. The design brings a more outstanding balance between nature, dwellers, and their home through the presence of meticulously selected materials and earth tone color palette with a hint of dark blue and light green that adds a cheerful spirit to the space. Creating comfort from lying on a couch at a favorite corner of your house, allowing yourself to rest and relish the view of the outside garden, from doing your daily exercise while enjoying your NETFLIX series, from all the quality times spent and shared with your loved ones.

Manage Your Space, Organize Your Life.

One of the most distinctive characteristics of the collection is the simplistic beauty that offers visual comfort and functional convenience. No matter how hectic your lifestyle and work can get, keeping your living space organized, practical and efficient can help maintain your life’s much-needed order. The maximized functionality of features such as the walk-in closet lets you store all your clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and other belongings, making everything uncluttered and easy to access. In addition, our cabinet system designs to suit various functional requirements with multiple materials to choose from, such as wood, transparent glass, or rattan doors, transforming a dressing room into your favorite private space that answers your lifestyle and helps you manage your life more effortlessly.

Total home renovation service through BAUEN by SCG

Home Interior & Exterior Design

Our comprehensive home interior and exterior design services bring you a functionally fulfilling home with a distinctive design style by BAUEN Living Designers.

Home Remodeling & Extensions

Give your old home a more pleasant look and character, more excellent livability and safety with our home remodeling and extension services with the highly experienced BAUEN Living Transformers overseeing the structure, architecture, and landscape.

Furnishings & Built-ins

Take your living spaces to another level of joyfulness with our all-encompassing furnishings, from flooring to walls, including built-in furniture explicitly designed to suit every living space in your home, granting both functional and aesthetic value.