OONJAI Home service

OONJAI Home service is another solution from BAUEN.

The elderly-friendly residential preparation/mini-renovation to ensures safety, convenience, and improved quality of life.

OONJAI Home service is another solution from BAUEN.

Our home preparation creates a safe, convenient environment for elders to live a better everyday life.

Executed by our specialized team knowledgeable in renovating elder living spaces, these projects have a minimal impact on daily living and are completed quickly due to their small-scale renovation approaches with partial improvements.

Our focus is on enhancing safety and convenience for elders in daily use areas prone to frequent accidents, such as bathroom, bedroom, living room, etc. We cater to families seeking home preparation to prevent accidents and solve the current living difficulties faced by elders.

The services included in this OONJAI Home service are:

Handrail installation

Sanitary ware installation

Bidet sprayer installation

Faucet installation

Wall-hung basin installation

Foldable shower seat installation

Showerhead and hook installation

Anti-slip soft bathroom flooring installation (over the original floor)

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